Weak Knee stocks a vast variety of base & specialty grains, liquid and dry malts, more than 50 different pellet hops, Wyeast liquid yeast, Mangrove Jack, Fermentis & Safale dry beer yeasts, fresh made Weak Knee Beer kits, brewing & fermenting equipment, bottles & caps

RJ Spagnols and Winexpert wine kits are easy and in stock with many of them available for sampling. Also stocked: Lalvin, Red Star, & Vintners Harvest dry wine yeasts, fermenting equipment, bottles & corks, refractometers, pH meters & solutions, wine additives, spices and flavorings

Fresh, local apple pressings (Baumans), grapes & juices from Chile, South Africa, California, and Italy are available seasonally. Group wine barrels are a popular avenue to also help stock your racks, many of these wines are available for sampling

Visit our Tasting Room to sample the variety of wines and home brews.