last year’s spring barrels have all been bottled and in a few weeks we will begin to crush & de-stem this spring’s harvest!  

Weak Knee stocks a vast variety of base & specialty grains, liquid and dry malts, more than 50 different pellet hops, Wyeast liquid yeast, Mangrove Jack, Fermentis & Safale dry beer yeasts, fresh made Weak Knee Beer extract kits, buckets & carboys, bottles & caps.  We no longer exchange CO2 tanks. Also, we will no longer be a “drop off” for competitions.

RJ Spagnols and Winexpert wine kits are easy, consistent and quick with many of them available for sampling. Also stocked: Lalvin & Red Star dry wine yeasts, fermenting equipment, bottles & corks, refractometers, pH meters & solutions, wine bases & additives, spices & flavorings

Fresh, local apple pressings (Baumans), grapes & juices from Chile, South Africa, California, and Italy are available seasonally. Group wine barrels are a popular avenue to also help stock your racks, many of these wines are available for sampling

Visit our Tasting Room to sample the variety of wines that you can make at home or on premise!

1277 N Charlotte St  Pottstown 19464