Wine Barrel Club

JOIN THE FUN!  Crush and de-stem your grapes, learn the chemistry and perform the tests, scoop the must into the hydraulic press to squeeze your juice and fill your barrel, visit and taste it throughout the aging process, and finally bottle your wine to enjoy and share!

WEAK KNEE WINE CLUB: as a club member, any wine classes that Bill offers throughout the year are free. More importantly, you get to use our space and equipment to make your wine. You may choose to be part of our group barrels or personalize a whole barrel for yourself and family. You crush/de-stem your grapes, learn the chemistry and perform the tests. Scoop the grapes into the hydraulic press (sorry, no foot stomping) to squeeze your juice, then into your barrel. Visit your barrel throughout the year long process, taste it (talk to it!), rack it, filter and bottle your finished wine to enjoy! Stop in to taste and chat with Bill about the various possibilities.

Throughout the year, BYOB events are offered where you may show off your best as well as taste other prize wines from our home-winemakers! It’s a lot of fun and the comradery is long lasting.

re-scheduled for Saturday, June 23 @ 6 pm
SUNFLOWER CAFE  $65 pp (includes tax & gratuity)

Cocktail Hour: Assorted Cheese Canapes, Italian Hoagie Pizzetta, Duck Sausage Skewers w/apple butter sesame glaze, Grilled Shrimp w/Thai basil & red curry sauce & toasted peanut

First Course: Creamy Sweet Spring Onion Soup w/brown butter, crab & corn
Second Course: Short Rib Salad w/red wine dressing, blue cheese, chopped egg, celery
Entree Course (guest will choose one when seated)
Manhattan style Chicken & Dumplings
Salmon on whipped parsley potatoes, roast asparagus w/pickled lemon
Bourbon Barrel Stout soaked Pork Loin, quinoa, smoked ramps, watercress
Dessert:  Cherry tart w/pine nut crumble

RSVP  June 10