CA & Italian Barrels



The following blends are being offered as Group Barrels; one tenth of the barrel is approximately 2 cases and you participate from crushing to bottling in the year long process!

“Brunello” is actually a Sangiovese grape. It grows in the most arid area of Tuscany, on the southern slopes, producing a varietal of Sangiovese that is considered to be the finest Sangio in all of Italy. This full-bodied red wine often tastes like a Cabernet/Merlot blend and ages nicely.

“Tempranillo/Petite Syrah” is a robust, full-bodied, dark red wine known for its peppery, dried stone fruit, and light pipe tobacco notes. Petite Syrah is actually darker and more robust than a Syrah, despite its misleading name. These two Titans blend together well to produce a big bold red!

“Bacchanalia” is named after its wild & raucous designer, Mr Vickers. This blend of Grenache, Syrah, & Mourvedre, (GSM) offers a dark, bold wine with great structure that ages nicely. Spicy black pepper contrasts the soft fruitiness on the front with ever softening tannins as it ages. Easy to see why this is Ron’s “go to” wine! 

“Old Vine Zinfandel” this full-bodied wine is jammy with raspberries & pomegranate against a light peppercorn & juniper background; the tannins cause it to linger on the palate with a dry finish.

“Barolo” is known for its bold, black fruitiness when young, velvety tannins & complex spice develop with age; we add a bit of Black Malvasia encouraging the fruitiness to linger longer.

“Chianti” ours is aged in Hungarian barrels and uses Sangiovese as its base; great with spaghetti & pizza, this 12% ABV table wine extends beyond just dinner.

“Trinity Black”  uses Cab Sav & Spanish Tempranillo to create a full-bodied structure, rich jammy flavors & aroma; the Tempranillo brings a tobacco note and a touch of (Bill’s fav) Black Malvasia offers a silky texture with a hint of chocolate; very smooth & easy drinking!

“Montepulciano” is an excellent medium-bodied table wine offering aromas & flavors of berries thick like jam, light plum & tobacco notes; ages well presenting vanilla & peppery notes as it becomes more complex.

“Syrah” stands alone boldly – no blend here! Big-bodied aromas, flavors of dried berries, black pepper, light smoke, mouth-drying tannins ~ all packed together for a lingering mouthful of YUM!!!

“Black Sav”  is back by popular demand; we blend the Cab Sav with Black Malvasia, creating a robust, full-bodied red wine that can be enjoyed young; chocolate licorice develops with age

“Viognier/Pinot Grigio” yes, finally a white wine! Folks enjoyed this combo last season; the Viognier brings a creamy smooth mouthfeel with peaches & orange blossoms on the nose; the Grigio offers the crispness; nice refreshing blend

“AMARONE” begins with a cold soak & temperature control throughout the fermentation process, includes a malolactic fermentation; spends 18 months maturing in the barrel to become an extremely complex wine

Pricing is determined using a new 53 gallon barrel. Price includes your grapes and juice, use of equipment, instruction, storage, materials, yeast & additives, 750 ml green bottles and premium corks (labels & shrink caps extra).  50% deposit due with order, balance due at crushing.