Let us know your needs. We have access to bulk grains from: Best Malz, Bairds, Rahr, Crisp,Weyerman, Great Western, Gambrinus, Franco-Belges, Briess, Thomas Fawcett, and Dingemanns


Briess (American) – four generations have been producing an extensive spectrum of quality malts since 1876

  • 2 Row – mild, malty base grain; slightly higher yield and lower protein than  6 row
  • Black – dry roasted/sharp to neutral; use in small quantities in dark beers
  • Cara Wheat – using wheat instead of barley, this malt produces a caramel roasty flavor, moderately sweet; great for darker wheat-based beers (Dunkelweizen, Schwartzbier)
  • Caramel/Crystal 10L – candylike sweetness, mild caramel, contributes golden hues
  • Caramel/Crystal 20L – sweet, mild caramel flavor with golden color
  • Caramel/Crystal 40L – sweet caramel flavor contributes a light red color
  • Caramel/Crystal 60L – pronounced caramel flavor, contributes a deep golden to red color
  • Caramel/Crystal 80L – sweet caramel, slight burnt sugar, raisiny with deeper red color
  • Caramel/Crystal 120L – burnt sugar, raisiny prune flavor with deep red color
  • Carapils – balances body without adding color or flavor
  • Chocolate – rich roasted coffee/cocoa flavor
  • Munich – robust malty flavor with golden hues
  • Pale Ale 2 row – slightly darker than regular 2 row; warm & malty
  • Pilsen – produces pale colored beer with a clean delicately malty, sweet character
  • Red Wheat – creamy, sweet and malty; use for head retention
  • Roasted Barley – produces a red/deep brown color with coffee flavor
  • Rye – spicy; use in 5% increments adding rice hulls if using more than 20%
  • Smoked – using cherry wood, this malt produces a smooth, intense smokey flavor
  • Special Roast – toasty, tangy biscuit-like flavor with deep golden/brown color
  • Victory – nutty, toasty biscuit aroma & flavor; provides a deep golden/brown color
  • Vienna – increased malty flavor balances high-hopped full bodied beers
  • White Wheat – sweet malty floury taste; produces a deep golden/brown color

Thomas Fawcett and Sons LTD (West Yorkshire, England)

  • Maris Otter, the favorite of English brewers, offers rich maltiness with slightly nutty flavor
  • Golden Promise, grown in Scotland, another favorite, offers sweet & mellow maltiness 

Dingemans (Belgian)

  • Aromatic  (17° – 21° L) mildly kilned malt that will add a strong malt aroma and deep color when used as a specialty malt. This malt can make up to 100% of the grain bill, but it is fairly low in surplus diastatic enzymes
  • Biscuit  (18° – 27° L) this toasted malt will provide a warm bread or biscuit flavor and aroma and will lend a garnet-brown color
  • Debittered Black (500° – 600° L) using an exclusive evaporative process, Dingemans De-Bittered Black Malt will contribute the same color characteristics as Black malt with a less astringent flavor
  • Pilsen (1.4° – 1.8° L) light in color & low in protein, this malt is well modified & easily mashed with a single-temperature infusion
  • Special B (140° – 155° L) the darkest of the Belgian crystal malts, imparts a heavy caramel taste & is often credited with the raisin-like flavors of some Belgian Abbey ales. Larger percentages (greater than 5%) contributes a dark brown-black color & fuller body

Flaked Barley – produces lighter color in the final beer without lowering the gravity

Flaked Maize –  popular in the pre-prohibition pilsners, adds subtle sweetness

Flaked Oats – used in Oatmeal Stouts

Flaked Wheat – contributes less color than wheat malt & increases foam and head retention

Flaked Rice – provides more fermenables with out increasing body and flavor

Flaked Rye – adds a crisp & slightly spicy character