Chilean & South African Barrels

2018 Season

Be a part of our group barrels offered below OR bring your own group and make the wine of your choice! Stop by to taste, chat with Bill & tour the wine room.

SOUTH AFRICAN PINOTAGE is South Africa’s signature variety; a cross-grafted varietal comprised of the Heritage (Cinsault) stock and the Pinot Noir grapes creating a dark red, complex wine with fruit that hangs on with age, softening the dryness. Enjoyed young or after aging, this medium-bodied wine offers a blend of fruit & earthy notes from start to finish

SOUTH AFRICAN SYRAH blended with a bit of Cab Sav is a full-bodied ruby red with great tannin structure, aging well; vibrant berry flavors and aromas greet you at the start while notes of green peppercorn and a delicate smokiness lingers on the finish 

SOUTH AFRICAN CAB SAV the classic full ripe characteristics and elegant tannin structure of this grape bring rich dark fruit flavors of black currant and black cherry with notes of cassis and delicate hint of mint

SOUTH AFRICAN PORT (of course Bill is making a Port!) Lots & lots of Syrah & Cab Sav grapes, this fruit-ladden wine will be full-bodied & sweet with an ABV of 18-20% 

CHILEAN CARMENERE is blended with Cabernet Franc & Merlot creating a rich dark red wine. The Franc softens the intensity of the Carmenere while the Merlot brings a fruitiness of black cherries & figs 

CHILEAN MALBEC offers a bouquet of dark fruits, plum & berry flavors with moderate tannins, and a touch of Syrah adds a bit of the peppery note and body 

CHILEAN SYRAH stands boldly alone offering mouth-drying tannins with big-bodied aromas & flavors of dried berries, black pepper, tobacco & smoke                                                       

“EL HUASO” otherwise known as “The Chilean Cowboy,” blends four grapes & three different oaks to produce dark cherry notes with hints of mocha, spice, black pepper & sweet cola notes; delivers a velvety mouth-feel, full-bodied with a smooth finish                                   

CHILEAN CAB SAV ages nicely because of its thick tannic skins. This grape produces notes of blackberries, cassis, black cherries, chocolate, and black pepper. Fragrant earthy notes mixed with the berry flavors, this dark violet wine is full-bodied and lingers nicely on the palate            

CHILEAN VIOGNIER/PINOT GRIS this blend of the light-bodied, crisp apple & pear of the Pinot Grigio is mellowed by the low acidity and vivid aromas of the Viognier. Enjoyed young, the flavors & aromas of apple, pear, orange blossom & mango should please the softer palates                                                                          

Pricing includes your grapes & juice, use of our equipment, instruction, storage, materials, yeast & additives, 750 ml green bottles & corks; labels & shrink caps are extra. Payment of barrel (unless on a Group Barrel) and 50% deposit due with order, balance due at crushing