GRAPES & JUICES: Chilean & South African

Our Chilean grapes and juices come from the Curico Region of Chile, where varietals were brought to this Valley in 1851 from France and Germany. The Curico Valley is 120 miles south of Santiago and offers the perfect conditions for red wines as it enjoys a similar climate to the Mediterranean with alluvial soil and good drainage.

picked/pressed fresh and refrigerated from harvest to delivery


(18 lb plastic crates): we’ll crush & de-stem for free

Cabernet Franc $29.50

Cabernet Sav $29.50

Carmenere $29.50

Malbec $29.50

Merlot $29.50

Pinot Noir $31.50

Syrah $29.50

Petite Verdot $31.50

Weak Knee does not press white grapes
Chardonnay, Sav Blanc, Viognier, Pinot Gris
must be ordered by Mar 25
$29.50 ~ 18# lug

~ CHILEAN JUICES (6 gallon pail):  ~

Cab Franc $54 Chardonnay $52
Cab Sav $55 Muscat $51
Cab/Merlot blend $55 Pinot Gris $53
Carmenere $54 Riesling $53
Malbec $55 Sav Blanc $52
Merlot $55 Viognier $53
Pinot Noir $56    
Syrah $54    
50% with order, balance at pick up 
 you will be called as your order is expected to arrive at Weak Knee
PICK UP ASAP as grapes & juices are PERISHABLE !!