Pricing and Information

The quality of barrel aging cannot be compared to wine made in plastic buckets and glass carboys.  While most folks do not have the space, equipment, or knowledge for the process in barrels, Weak Knee Wine Club offers a solution to all that and much more!

Federal and state laws designate that YOU must participate in every phase of the entire process; we may not do it for you.  We may only provide ingredients, instruction, guidance, lab work, storage, and equipment.  The finished product may not be used for resale and the limit is 400 gallons per household.

Stop by to chat and taste, tour the wine room.  Read over the grape descriptions listed here on our website. create your own personal blend, or choose a varietal to fill a barrel.  Perhaps you don’t need 200+ bottles of the same kind of wine ~ get in on a Group Barrel instead!  Depending on weather, Chilean grapes are harvested in April/May: California grapes in September; Italian in October; watch our website for pre-order dates, prices, and deadlines.

Group Barrel pricing is determined using a new American Oak 53 gallon barrel (purchased separately if a private barrel).  Price includes your grapes and juice, use of equipment, instruction, storage, materials, yeast and additives, 750 ml green Bordeaux bottles, and premium corks.  Membership, labels and shrink caps are not included in the price.  Stop in and chat with Bill about his blends, design your own or get in on our groups.  Group Barrels offer you one tenth of the barrel (approximately 2 cases) and you participate in the year long process from crushing to bottling while making some awesome friends!